Mono High Head Pumps

Mono Pumps Zimbabwe High Head Pump consist of a combination of the Mono Industrial sub-assembly and the Borehole Stator Units, and are commonly referred to as our “D/BH” range of pumps. Due to this combination they are capable of delivering to higher heads than the standard Industrial range. They have become extremely popular within the Mining, Industrial and Agricultural areas throughout the region. The range currently comprises 7 models. The full ranges are manufactured within Zimbabwe, using the highest quality materials.The majority of the manufacturing process is done in-house at our Harare factory . Because of the local manufacturing process, Mono Pumps are able to supply units ex-stock, and can offer a backup service that is of the best standard. We have two branches that are fully stocked, and are overseen by skilfully¬†trained people. The branches are equipped to carry out full repairs on any of the Mono Pumps Zimbabwe range of pumps. As well as the branches, there are a vast number of Mono Pumps Agents throughout the region, who have been authorized¬† by ourselves to represent our products.

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