1. Rotator


2. Stator


The stationery element of the Mono Pump known as Stator is moulded in nitrile rubber and incorporates a double internal helix with the transverse cross-section at any position along its length consisting of 2 parallel lines lines joined at each end by a semi-circle equal in diameter to the moving element.

The metal rotating element of a Mono pump known as the Rotor, is manufactured in the unique form of a single helix which at any point along its length is completely circular.When the Mono rotor is turned, its circular cross-section at any point along the length travels backwards and forwards across the stator section in one revolution. A slight interference fit on the single line of contact between the Rotor and the rubber Stator forms a complete seal in the axial direction along the full length of the 2 components. During normal operation, the line of contact which re-creates itself at the section end every revolution, moves continuously at uniform velocity, thus producing a non pulsating positive discharge. With 3 basic dimension of rotor Diameter, Pitch and Eccentricity, which can be combined in various permutations, the Mono pump is available to suit wide variety of needs.