Specification of the Mono Boreholes Pump

1. Discharge head which also incorporates the pulley housing consist of a cast iron body with gland from which the column is suspended. The pulley bearing assembly consist two pre-packed ball bearings, one being an angular contract thrust bearing.

2. Column piping is standard bromen coates medium water piping to British standard 1387/1967 with squared ends and B.S.P Thread.

3. Bobbin Bearing are a styrene butadience compound which grid the column pipe walls and support the drive shaft every 1.6m for the full length of the drive shaft. These bearings are water lubricated and the bearing piece of stainless steel or hardened EN8 mild steel.

4.Stabilizers are also a rubber compound stabilizing the column in the borehole every 13m.

5. The drive shafting is of high tensile carbon steel which allows for a  minimum area usage in the column but retains its strength as a positive drive.

6. The pump unit consist  of a strainer, the element and the body.

7. The element is a stationery stator of a resilient nitrile based compound in the form of a compound internal helix vulcanized to the outer casing. A rotor with a hard chrome finish in the form of a single or double helix turns inside the stator. This maintains a full seal across the stator traveling constantly up the pump giving uniform positive displacement